Playing among the trees, natural and naked Remie explores the lush outdoors as she takes us on a walk through the greenery.
Running her hands underneath her clothes, she feels her thick full bush of pubic hair wanting to be exposed from underneath her little denim skirt. Undressing herself slowly, she exposes her small breasts and soft pink nipples, squeezing them with her hands she leans against the hard trunk of a tree and pushes her breasts together.



Liese slowly undresses her petite, slender figure as she moves from the garden into the house.
Starting at her short blonde hair Liese runs her fingers down her body, stopping to feel her small breasts, pert nipples and slender hips. Slipping off her pink top and floral dress she sits back onto the kitchen floor. With a bowl full of soapy water she squeezes the water over her pale skin, the bubbles parting as the flow over her breasts and down between her legs.


Hairy Upskirt

Playfully turning around while her loose skirt flies, Camilla smiles as we catch a glimpse of her panties. Gently touring her hands through her slender body, she takes off her top, uncovering her bra and as her hands squeeze and feel her own pert breasts.
Continuing to undress, Camilla slides her panties down her legs to the floor, before putting them upside down again, pulling them up firmly as they rub against her dark pubic hair. Bending on all fours, Camilla looks over her shoulder as her firm, round bum moves from side to side, with her labia escaping through the sides of her panties.


Paintbrush Insertions

Gina has a very intimate shoot as she undresses her slender and petite body on bed before slipping onto the floor to explore her naked body.
Playing with her paint brushes, she runs the hard-wooden tips down her body and towards her open wet vulva! Taking her time, she investigates and teases herself by playing with her soft labia before pushing her fingers deep inside herself.


Kenji & Yara

Bending Yara’s legs back, Kenji presses her mouth over her open, wet vulva and grips her firm bum as she licks and pleasures her.
Sliding in between each others legs, Kenji and Yara push their hairy vulva’s together, grinding and rubbing their clits, making their mouths gape open with pleasure. Exploring their bodies, they grip and pull at each other as they both orgasm.
This is two of my recent favourites together. I think it will be wonderful not only because both these girls are beautiful and have a lovely body in both cases but also because I have enjoyed their personalities on video and think these two would have enjoyed each other’s company and talking as well as the hot sex they can have together.


Jemma M

Jemma’s a free spirit with fine legs and a great arse!
She’s home alone, showing her body the love it deserves and you’ve got the perfect view! Slipping out of her demure print dress she reveals more than creamy soft thighs and a smooth flat stomach, she reveals moist, pink, untouched and unspoilt pussy lips…
A beautiful third solo from Jemma, we’ve so far seen her in the bedroom, kitchen and now garden, happily there are still plenty more rooms and outdoor locations to explore. There is a happy congruence between the blossom on the tree and the reds of Jemma’s apparel and a delicious dance of sunlight and shadow, a happy compliment to Jemma’s bubbly character, which Charli eloquently captures. My thanks to Charli, the team and Jemma for this imageset that is a joy to view.



Daria’s colorful, tight leggings emphasize her round bum as she gives a big smile over her shoulder. As she starts to undress, Daria reveals her girly, pink panties and her full bush that is evident even with her panties still on.
Taking off her top, Daria squeezes her pert breasts together, as her long, dark hair falls on them and caresses her puffy nipples. Taking off her panties, uncovering her full haired vulva, Daria raises her legs up in the air and slowly moves them apart, spreading them as wide as she can. As she turns around and lays with her face to the floor, Daria slightly raises her bum and pushes it outwards as she smiles back with her sensual lips and hazel eyes.